Management & Booking

Here you will find the form to contact our artists and take them to one or more events you organized.
Remember to fill out all required information will be used to create a quotation suitable for what you have requested.

Once the data is sent with the quote received a contract perspective.
Each artist requires the payment of travel, room and board for the duration of stay to meet all relevant dates.
In the message, please enter all the details of the event as the total event duration (hours and specific days), event city and other useful information.
To formulate a detailed estimate is not reason to be inserted much detail as possible.
We will evaluate everything with our legal and send you in the shortest possible time the contract if the dates required are available for popular artists.

    Name & Surname:


    Date of event:


    Artists required:
    Doctor KeosFrank 'o LanternQriminalZero JBonnie MooreMickel DJAlan BaneElectroWave

    Write us a message for more details.


    Doctor Keos

    Mickel DJ

    Alan Bane

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