Get the right audio volume / quality ratio thanks to our mastering service.

The goal is to achieve, for the mastered tracks, a perfect balance of frequencies, a warm and full sound, the desired output level and full compliance with the client’s artistic needs.


We started our path of sound engineering at the time of analog machines. Our mastering can be realized both in totally digital format, both in totally analogic mode, and in a hybrid format between machines and plugins suitable for mastering.
We work constantly every day in order to have more and more professional results and in line with the requests of our many customers and products of our record label.
Each mastering will be entrusted to the engineer of the sound that takes care of your request in terms of mastering type that according to the musical genre of the track.
Moreover, upon request, we can also take care of the mix care in case there are problems with the audio quality of the file sent, the volume reports or the care of every single sound of the already mixed file. This is to ensure a final product at the top because the mixing of the track is the fundamental step to ensure that the mastering has the right ratio of volume and audio quality.
The manufacturing process is not done in the short term, unlike the other mastering pseudo engineers, because we want to test the audio quality of the songs sent on all types of existing supports as well as let a few days pass between each step of the creation of the product. This is to rest the ear and, at the same time, realize if there is actually something wrong that maybe at first glance might not appear to the engineer.
Our working method is that of the best recording studios.

In fact, some of our engineers have produced records for the majors. Others are teachers of the subject.



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    - Only WAV & AIFF

    - If you load WAV, remember that it is better if they are 24 bit.

    - You can upload up to 20 stems

    - You can upload a maximum of 9.99 Gigabytes of files

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    File type: 24-bit or 16-bit “.wav” files.
    Track volume: -6 dB Peak Max


    The tracks must not have saturation. This will impact negatively on the quality of your master.

    To avoid having this problem you can ask us to mix your track.

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