The best Electronic Dance Music mixed by Doctor Keos in a selection of 10 of the most beautiful powerful songs of the moment to download for free! Take it now to listen to it whenever you want!
Zero J & Stacy Robinson - Where your heart is
Zero J & Stacy Robinson - Where your heart is

Christmas EDM Compilation 2018
Doctor Keos - Christmas Mix 2018

Doctor Keos

April Mix 2018

Doctor Keos returns with his new DJ set in the April 2018 appointment.
As always, only the best EDM music mixed in a wonderful selection of 10 of the most beautiful tracks to dance!

  1. MikeWave, Matt Lucker & Max Landry – Stronger Together
  2. TBC – Heartbeat
  3. Paul Bingham feat. Cole Smith – So Sick
  4. Lupus – Limitless
  5. Mountblaq VillanZ – BRAA
  6. Bloqshot – Ard
  7. Dirty Palm feat. Micah Martin – Oblivion
  8. MRBLACK & 22Bullets feat. Richie Loop – Badman
  9. Raiden& Tom Tyger – Cest La Vibe
  10. Tom & Jame X Holl & Rush – Move On Me

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