Are you ready to unleash your desire to dance?
The new EDM compilation of the Doctors of Chaos Records has been released and contains all the best dancefloor and festival songs!
The compilation is designed for all those who love electronic music festivals and disco clubs.
Whether you are a DJ, a clubber or a raver you can not miss this compilation!

  1. Sheridian – Round and Round feat. Thomas Daniel (Extended Club)
  2. Doctor Keos feat. Po$itive, Car6 & Francesca Cittadino – Music is the Power (CèèJay & FortyFive Remix)
  3. Electro Wave – High Energy
  4. Kris Codes – Sex in Amsterdam
  5. Doctor Keos – Chaos Experience (Extended Club Mix 2018)
  6. Alan Bane & Ciccio Allibrio – GRADIO
  7. Aurelio – Latin Ass
  8. Doctor Keos & Bossanova DJ feat. Scream & Francesca Cittadino – Taranteiro (DJ Russo Dub-House Remix 2018)
  9. Calvin Cash – Keep Calm and Dance Now
  10. Alan Bane & Ciccio Allibrio – Go Place
  11. Doctor Keos – INSOMNIA (Hardstyle Remix 2018)
  12. Aur3lio – El Matador
  13. Electro Wave – Magnetic Fly
  14. Doctor Keos – Shape of You
  15. Francis Crime – Born to Run
  16. Alan Bane & Ciccio Allibrio – Sleep
  17. Doctor Keos – Donald Trap (Trump Mix)
  18. Aur3lio – Let’s Go
  19. Alan Bane & Ciccio Allibrio – Wall Lite
  20. Doctor Keos – Struggle for Pleasure (Extended Festival Mix)

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