Need a professional mixing?

Read how to send files and what to do.
In 6 days, your track will be ready for the mastering stage!

Upload the file in .zip or .rar contains all audio files of your track to be mixed.
Remember to properly rename the files before sending, insert the stage/band name and then name the song title like this:
Your stage name – Track name (Track version if it exists)


  1. All tracks must arrive to a maximum of -1 dB. The tracks must not have saturation. This will impact negatively on the quality of your mix.
  2. After sending the file, compiles your contact form fields and send payment using the PayPal button below.
    You receive e-mail all the other information and we will contact you for any other information.

Name & Surname:

Artistic Name:



Track title:


Send us a message:

Upload more files using a "zip" or "rar" file:




Know that it is very important that you fill out the contact form correctly and that the credentials are the same as those included in the payment. If there are mistakes we may have problems when checking files and payment. If one of these requirements (files to be mixed, filling in the contact form or service fee) we could not proceed automatically. If you are missing your contact email and you paid you may lose your payment sent. For any problem about contact us using the form here.

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