Round and Round

feat. Thomas Daniel

February 23rd. Save the date for sheridian’s first hit of the year!

Crafted in collaboration with American singer Thomas Daniel, “Round and Round” will be knocking at your door very soon.

After his single “Time” has been appreciated worldwide, Sheridian is back with this glorious tune that you need to have in your collection. This time what does the screen of the producer’s time machine say? Its punchy and groovy guitar riffs say 1985, while the enormous lead and stabs say 2025. Plus, You don’t wanna mess with American singer Thomas Daniel’s astonishing performance, which gives to this track what it needs to make you shout it out loud for the years to come. This track is a great mixture of 80’s Dirty Funk vibes and Future House, both a journey in the past, and a vision from the future. Be part of this glorious adventure.

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